How to Make Your Pictures Festive for CNY 2021

For every Chinese New Year celebration, we’ve always welcomed the New Year to come with decorations, food and new clothes. Although, this year might be slightly different from previous celebrations. On 13 January 2021, the official start of the MCO 2.0 serves as a clear reminder that we are already in a deadly pandemic. Also, the introduction of MCO 2.0 means that we are in a much more crucial position than ever before.

Even though this could mean that most of us won't be returning to our families this upcoming Chinese New Year, don’t be disappointed. There will always be ways to take festive pictures with or without the presence of family.

Here’s how you can take festive pictures for Chinese New Year:

1.Fun family pictures

There must always be pictures for every festive celebration, and what better way to take it than with the people you love. Unfortunately, most people won’t be able to go back to their hometowns due to the MCO, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating CNY with your family. We recommend you to use any video-call applications such as Skype, Apple Facetime, and Whatsapp. For good video quality, make sure you have a strong wifi connection first. Not only that, but your background should look vibrant and festive for this special occasion, so use any background picture from the internet to make it look joyous. After that, take a screenshot of your screen, and you’re done.

2. Wear Attractive Clothes

It’s extremely important to wear beautiful clothes on special occasions like this. Therefore, choose a cheongsam that compliments your body and skin tone the best. If you don’t have your cheongsam with you, then do the next best thing and choose a modern CNY look. Thus, using any clothing with the colour of red, green, yellow, silver and white. These colours are believed to bring you good luck on your day. So put on your best outfit and flaunt it to your friends and relatives on social media.

3. Glam-up your look with makeup

Another thing to brighten up your CNY pictures is the beauty of your makeup. By using the right makeup and correct application, it will help you to achieve good pictures. All you need to do is go on ‘YouTube’ and look up any CNY makeup tutorials you would like. But if you want to create your own makeup look, use colours that suit your skin complexion the most. For fair skin, try to use colours such as soft pink, tawny, or beige for eyeshadow. As for tan skin, go for gold, bronze, or emerald eyeshadow colours. Don’t be afraid to use red lipstick because the colour ‘red’ represents happiness, beauty, and vitality.

4. Say YES to Hair Accessories

In most pictures, it’s usually the breathtaking hairstyles that draw people’s attention. It’s time to try something new with your hair rather than just letting it down without hair accessories. This season is the way to express yourself through your hair. You could try using any ribbons or CNY hair accessories as long as it matches your outfit colour. If you don’t have any ideas to style your hair with these hair accessories, then skim through Pinterest.

5. Create Your own Background with Decorations

Don’t want a plain background for your picture? Then fix it with beautiful CNY decorations. You can start by putting up those lucky red lanterns or New Year Couplets on your wall. Next, you could put fruits and flowers on your table or your stable stand. If that still feels empty, you may use props in your pictures such as oranges or a traditional fan.

With all of these good recommendations, you are sure to get great pictures for CNY 2021. Do research more on good pictures on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. These will give you some new inspirations for your picture. We hope you find our recommendations very useful. Till then, please take care and be safe.