Which 63rd Merdeka Look Are You?

Here at Moon Ae-ra, we are very passionate when it comes to fashion. Both bold and modest that can enhance the wearer's confidence, we are all for it. So, in conjunction with our 63rd Merdeka, we have come up with 12 style books based on zodiac's personality and of Malaysia's flag.



Aries the Relentless

Anyone born under this zodiac is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. A mix of red and blue brings out that confidence and formality in Aries.


Taurus the Ambitious

We love Taurus with their practical, stoic, determined, ambitious and materialistic. Despite often being misunderstood as stubborn, in actual reality, they know what they want, and they MEAN IT, which brings the assemble of a red top and black leather boots that scream "I am here and You can't stop me."


Gemini the Passionate

Gemini is famous for its passion for various interests and circles. You will never find them in the same place because of their curiosity and intellect. Charismatic without trying too hard. Here we have that is soft and minimal look not to downplay this vibrant personality but to let the wearer speak louder than the outfit, the perfect balance as it all should be.

Cancer the Nurturer

This zodiac is intuitive, and their level of awareness radar is higher than the rest of the zodiac signs. Reliable and very protective of themselves, friends, and family. This Merdeka inspired look will bring out that braveness which often is mistaken as weakness or "sensitive".  


Leo the Pride

Leo's are enthusiastic, passionate, and generous. However, they can be seen arrogant due to their confidence, but they are often if not burden by worrying about what people think of them. They thrive in any situation that brings the best of their traits; loyalty, playfulness and leadership. This outfit shines happily and bravely without overkilling it.


Virgo the Sophisticated

Virgo's think of every detail for their outfits like they do when they plan their days. Organization is key! Classic silhouettes and solid colours allow them to stay practical. Add bold colours like blue and yellow with a hint of red in the details all while keeping modest but still having fun this Merdeka!


 Libra the Peacemaker

Libra's are attracted to cool tones and sky blues, making it perfect for a toned-down outfit for the holiday. While they may take a low-key approach to their outfits, they're sure to add a statement piece. Reds and yellows may not be in their wardrobe often but this Merdeka adding a red shoe or bag could complete the look.

Scorpio the Extreme

People born under this sign may be daring but rock a daring outfit with rich colours. You'll find deep blues and reds in their closets already. Their air of mystery will lead them to dress in such outfit pieces like this classic pencil skirt with a slide slit. Pair with a white pump and yellow earrings to wrap up the outfit before heading out to a holiday event.   


Sagittarius the Righteous

Creatures of comfort, people born under this zodiac sign likely have their favourite pair of jeans already. Some may lean more to beige, white or peach but take a chance and pair their jeans with a light blue sweater. In their path to spread the word, it never hurts to have bold pieces to add to your outfit to catch the attention others.

Capricorn the Leader

Capricorns may be sophisticated but always seek out comfort too, with a fresh take. They love getting dressed up and the retro design of a simple red dress speaks to them. While they like dressing up, they are also restrained, responsible and disciplined, which makes the modest design of the outfit perfect. The once simple wedges now are given a new fresh appearance for Merdeka to finish off the perfect outfit for any Capricorn.

Aquarius the Rebel

Progressive, original, and independent are some of this sign's strengths. They may not go with the flow when it comes to fashion, but you can bet they'll look great in whatever they choose. Some may call them strange, but maybe they are just their own kind of person. Bold prints, colours, and patterns like this red striped top paired with a yellow and blue earring and necklace set, will bring the attention they deserve at this year's celebration.

Pisces the Free-Spirited

Romantic, compassionate, and artistic sums up just a portion of a Pisces. They know what to wear and how to wear it, always the best to catch an eye but never one to make such a huge show. The romantic in them will love a good flowing skirt with a comfortable top. Add the pops of blues and yellows with a handbag and scarf and everyone will be asking Pisces where they bought their outfit!  

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